CSBR History

The CSBR has a long and distinguished history. On this page, we report some of this history and archive important documents and images.


By:  Miller D. M. F. Dial [This older document was transcribed by Jamie Mungall]


                Sometime during 1973 I was invited to attend a reception for the British Ambassador to the U.S.A. held in New Orleans, LA, at the Plimsoll Club.  When I arrived, there was a pipe band playing and several gentlemen dressed in formal Scottish attire (kilts, Prince Charlie, etc.) Among the tartans present, one gentleman was wearing a kilt in the ancient Fergusson tartan.  This really caught my eye as this was the tartan claimed by my great-grandfather, Matthew Fergusson, and his forebears.  (Incidentally, when on a business trip to Europe in 1972, I had taken a side trip to Scotland to visit an old friend I had known in India in 1954/55, and while in Edinburgh, got fitted for a kilt in the Ancient Fergusson tartan by the kiltmaker at Forsyth’s on Princes Street.  Having had no occasion to wear my kilt and being unaware at the time that it would be proper attire for the Ambassador’s reception, I wore a tuxedo.)
                I introduced myself to the gentleman wearing the Fergusson tartan and found him to be James D. S. Fergusson of New Orleans, an active member of the Caledonian Society of New Orleans and a Charter Member of the Clan Fergusson Society of North America.  He in turn introduced me to two more active Caledonians, Cameron Gamble (then President of the New Orleans Society) and Michael Elliot (then pipe major of the band.)  That night we three became instant friends and still are, with the exception of Cameron, who passed away several years ago.  My membership was accepted by the CSNO and I attended their meetings and social functions for several years.

The Beginning:

At that time (1973-76) I had only met two native born Scots in Baton Rouge, Tom Murray and Dr. Edward D. Grant (father of our Ed Grant).  Tom and I had become good friends as we were both involved in petrochemical plant maintenance and had similar labor situations and had organized a group of plant maintenance managers to try and improve the overall situation.  I had asked Tom if he thought we might find enough Scots and pseudo-Scots to organize a Caledonian Society for Baton Rouge.  At first Tom was lukewarm to the idea but one evening in mid 1976, while enjoying turtle soup at the Old Hoo Shoo Too Club, I again asked Tom if he would help me if I organized a preliminary get together of several people who had expressed some interest in the idea.  This time Tom agreed and I hosted a meeting at my home in mid-October 1976.  Attending that first meeting were:               

                Jim and Margaret Black—Clan Stewart

                Miller and Dodie Dial—Clan Fergusson

                May Haas—Clan Buchanan

                Gladys Merrill—Clan MacLeod

                Tom and Claire Murray—Clan Murray

                Jane Robinson

                George and Betty Sellen

                Lester Sutherland—Clan Sutherland

At that first meeting much interest in Scottish Heritage and Culture was expressed, and to get the organization started, the group elected the following officers to serve until bylaws and a constitution could be developed and a proper election held.

                President—Miller Dial

                V.P.—Gladys Merrill

                Secretary—Jane Robinson

                Treasurer—Dodie Dial

                Pipe Major—Tom Murray

                Membership Chairman—Claire Murray

The second meeting was scheduled for November, 1976, at Tom Murray’s home.  Cameron Gamble and Jim Fergusson agreed to attend and give us pointers on how to avoid pitfalls and brought us a copy of their constitution and bylaws (which I believe we copied verbatim).  About twenty-five people attended that meeting.  The “Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge” was off and running!


Click here to download The Offlicer and Director’s Booklet, an older document that contains useful information about officers’ responsibilities, major activities of the society, and the bylaws of CSBR. Some details and procedures have changed, but the booklet reflects our rich history.


The Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge was founded in 1976 and has been maintained by the efforts of many. Over the years, many have volunteered their service to the Society by taking positions of office. This page is to honor those who have served as a Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge officer.
Presidents of the Society
1976-78: Miller D.M.F. Dial
1978-79: Miller D.M.F. Dial
1979-80: Tom Murray
1980-81: Dr. Bob Batz
1981-82: George Lane
1982-83: William Massimini
1983-84: Archie Shaw
1984-85: Stuart Thompson
Apr-Sep 1985: Robert H. Waghorne (interim)
1985-86: Robert H. Waghorne
1986-87: Miller Dial
1987-88: Miller Dial
1988-89: Thomas G. Mungall III
1989-90: Thomas G. Mungall III
1990-91: Thomas G. Mungall Jr.
1991-92: Kenneth Campbell
1992-93: E. Dave McGee
1993-94: Thomas G. Mungall III
1994-95: Beryl Barclay
1995-96: Beryl Barclay
1996-97: Beryl Barclay
1997-98: Dudley-Brian Smith
1998-99: Shirley Sands
1999-00: Kate McLean
2000-01: Pat Hardy
2001-02: Pat Hardy
2002-03: Stuart Ferry
2003-04: Stuart Ferry
2004-05: Stuart Ferry
2005-06: Stuart Ferry
2006-07: Stuart Ferry
2007-08: Stuart Ferry
Jan 2008: Polly Williams (interim)
Jan- Sep 2008: Joe McD. Campbell (interim)
2008-09: Joe McD. Campbell
2009-10: Joe McD. Campbell
2010-11: Thomas G. Mungall III
2011-12: Thomas G. Mungall III
2012-13: James E. B. Mungall
2013-14: Ricks Martin Bowles
2014-15: Milt Westmoreland
2015-16: Sugar McAdams
2016-17: Sugar McAdams 
2017-18: Sugar McAdams
2018-19 Janice Irving Wise
2019-20: Janice Irving Wise
Vice Presidents of the Society
1976-77: Gladys Merrill
1978-79: Tom Murray
1980-81: Tom Wylie
1981-82: Don McGregor
1982-83: James Gill Jr.
1983-84: Stuart Thompson
1984-85: Robert H. Waghorn (assumed Presidency April ‘85)
1985-86: Miller Dial
1986-87: Clyde Geddes
1987-88: Clyde Geddes
1988-89: Doug Simmons
1989-90: Doug Simmons
1990: Thomas G. Mungall Jr. (Appointed)
1990-91: Kenneth Campbell
1991-92: Susan Pizzolato
1992-93: Dudley-Brian Smith
1993-94: Beryl Barclay
1994-95: Catherine McCormick
1995-96: Catherine McCormick
May-Sep 1996: Lonnie Sibley (Interim)
1997-98: Joe McD. Campbell
1998-99: Pat Hardy
1999-00: Lyndon Williams
2000-01: Sheryl Mills
2001-02: Sheryl Mills
2002-03: Polly Williams (The office of V. P. was combined with that of Historian in the By-Laws)
2003-04: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2004-05: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2005-06: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2006-07: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2007-08: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2008-09: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2009-10: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2010-11: David McDougall (The office of Historian was restored to a separate office in the By-Laws)
2011-12: Ricks Martin Bowles
2012-13: Ricks Martin Bowles
2013-14: Milt Westmoreland
2014-15: Joe McD. Campbell
2015-16: Liz McKowen 
2016-17: Liz McKowen
2017-18: Liz McKowen
2018-19: Liz McKowen
2019-20: Debbie Harris
Secretaries of the Society
1976-77: Jane Robinson (Secretary-Treasurer)
1978-79: Bettie Lane
1979-80: Bettie Lane
1980-82: Richard Clemens
1982-84: Don McGregor
1984-85: Betty Owens (died in office September ‘85)
1985-86: Vacant (Miller Dial as V.P. was acting Secretary)
1986-88: George Lane
1988-90: Judy Simmons
1989-90: Miller Dial (Appointed by President)
1990-92: Miller Dial
1992-93: Miller Dial
1993-95: Ruby Campbell
1995-97: Ruby Campbell
1997-99: Lyndon Williams
1999-01: Graham Stewart
2001-03: Graham Stewart
2003-05: Graham Stewart
2005-07: Graham Stewart
2007-09: Graham Stewart
2009-10: Mary Eleanor Cole
2010-12: James E. B. Mungall
2012-14: Thomas G. Mungall III
2014-15: James Mungall
2015-16: Thomas G. Mungall III
2016-18: Janice Irving Wise
2018-20: Nancy McGehee Fontenot
Treasurers of the Society
1976-77: Jane Robinson (Secretary-Treasurer)
1978-79: Dodie Dial
1979-80: Dodie Dial
1980-82: Nevelyn Willis
1982-84: Dodie Dial
1984-86: Dodie Dial
1986-88: Dodie Dial
1988-90: Dodie Dial
1989-90: Dodie Dial
1990-92: Dodie Dial
1992-93: Dodie Dial
1993-95: Lonnie Sibley
1995-97: Lonnie Sibley
1997-99: David Goldsmith
1999-01: David Goldsmith
2001-03: David Goldsmith
2003-05: David Goldsmith
2005-07: David Goldsmith
2007-09: David Goldsmith
2009-11: Joan Houghton-Bonds
2011-13: Joan Houghton-Bonds
2013- 15: Joan Houghton-Bonds
2015- 17: Joan Houghton-Bonds
2017-19: Trent McCarthy
2019-21: Trent McCarthy
Historians of the Society
1977: Dr. Ed Grant Sr.
1978-80: Gladys Merrill
1980-81: Gladys Merrill
1981-82: Patsy Pitts
1982-85: Patsy Pitts
1985-87: Bill Singleton
1987-89: Michael Tomlinson
1989-91: Kenneth Campbell
1991-93: Ruby Campbell
1993-95: Kenneth Campbell
1995-96: Thomas G. Mungall III
1996-97: Kenneth Campbell (interim)
1997-99: Polly Williams
1999-01: Polly Williams
2001-03: Polly Williams (In 2002, the office of V. P. was combined with that of Historian in the By-Laws)
2003-05: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2005-07: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2007-09: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2009-10: Polly Williams (V.P./Historian)
2010-11: Polly Williams (The office of Historian was restored to a separate office in the By-Laws)
2011-13: Polly Williams
2013-15: Sugar McAdams
2015-17: Thomas G. Mungall, III
2017-19: Thomas G. Mungall, III
2019-21: Thomas G. Mungall, III
Pipe Majors of the Caledonian Society Pipe Band
1976-77: Tom Murray
1978-80: Archie Shaw
1980-2001: Martin Schreiber*
2001-02: Gary Cyrex
2002 – 2020 : Stanley Masinter
*Appointed Pipe Major Emeritus for life.
Originally compiled by James E.B. Mungall
Updated by Thomas G. Mungall, III, CSBR Historian