NEWS: Sadly, due to Covid-19, CSBR has cancelled its annual Burns Night celebration.  Go to the Burns Night page for recipes and videos from members who will be holding their own celebrations safely at home. 

Welcome to our home for Scots in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We welcome everyone, from those who can trace their Scottish heritage all the way back to a castle on a crag in the highlands, those who just love plaid, and certainly those who listen to bagpipes to relax!  We even welcome people who just watched the first episodes of The Highlander and love the costumes, sword fighting, and fictional depictions of Scottish history. We have activities for children and young adults; lectures on Scottish history or cultural influences in America; annual feasts such as a brunch for St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland; and a banquet for Robert (we call him “Robbie”) Burns, the poet laureate of Scotland, on his birthday.

NEWS:  Latest honor for Pipe Band Member:  EUSPBA has officially regraded our lead stick, Chris Pierce, moving him from Grade 3 up to Grade 2.   See the full story on the Pipes and Drums Page.

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